Burger & Lobster

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation; the menu is three items long and you just can’t decide between two of them!  I am lucky in that I have a wonderfully accommodating boyfriend who can frequently be persuaded to go half and half with me.

So last night, after a work do where I had maybe one beer too many, we rocked up at Burger & Lobster (is that not the coolest website ever?), probably the one in Threadneedle Street (I can never work out where I am in London!).

After being pointed in the direction of our table by someone I had assumed was a bouncer, our fantastically familiar**, ginger-bearded waiter rocked up to take our drinks order.  Assuming (correctly, for once) that it wouldn’t take us long to decide what we wanted to eat, he took our food order too.  So Rob ordered a burger while I requested a lobster roll then, because I was tipsy and therefore fantastically familiar myself (I’m a very friendly drunk) I shared that we would be splitting the two options between us.

I was beyond delighted a short time later when two of these appeared:

Burger And Lobster

Yes, that is a half burger and a half lobster rollHalf BurgerHalf Lobster!

Predictably, given my state, I was effusive in my praise of all things everything and the food was pretty good.  In retrospect, however, I have to agree with Rob that there’s good and there’s what we paid for it.  I think a certain amount of the bill did go directly to the name and reputation rather than the food itself.

A second waiter, almost (but not quite) as fabulous as the first brought us our bill and queried if they were likely to see us again and I was wise enough to recognise when to keep quiet and let the sober guy make any necessary promises or lack thereof.

I dearly hope I do go again although, given the number of restaurants in London I haven’t visited, we may do something else next time.

Overall, I’d give Burger & Lobster a solid 9.5/10, losing half a point only for the price.


**I spent a good five minutes trying to work out how to spell the abbreviated form of casual but drew a blank.