Monday 8th May 2017

So.  It’s a bright, new day.  Without much brightness, admittedly.

The weekend wasn’t all that great.  I spent Saturday trying to chase down an emergency prescription for my pills, with my normal prescription having gone missing, then failed to go swimming – day 1 with little to no activity.  Sunday was one of those days which just didn’t seem to come together – day 2 with little to no activity.  Although I did mow the lawns…

This couldn’t go on!  I’ve established that exercise helps control the depression and anxiety which come hand in hand with my ADHD so, while I’m not saying Sunday’s dysfunctionality was due to lack of exercise, I’m sure it was a contributing factor.

I was rather proud of myself this morning!  My Prince headed out early for a meeting, leaving me in the nice, warm bed (I didn’t sleep well last night) and, even without his encouragement or suggestion, I kitted up in my padded leggings, sports bra et al!  Once I’ve done this it’s so much easier to get the bike out and cycle to work.

D is doing really well!  He’s off to secondary school in September and would dearly love to be trusted to ride to (and from) school on his own before then.  He’s been trying to prove to us that he can do this without killing himself or other road users, so has been taking the lead on our rides into school, including telling us when he thinks it’s safe to cross the road.  We’ve both been impressed and are seriously considering letting him ride in on his own on Wednesday.

P is progressing too.  Since we made our latest agreement (he keeps his alarm plugged in from when he goes to bed until I go to bed and I unplug him when I go to bed) he’s reliably stuck to is and is showing improvement.  He’s back in nappies, unfortunately, but with pieces of a towel in them, so he feels wet.  Having a dry bed in the morning makes him happy, but I’m not sure that’s such a good thing.  Much as I like him happy, I don’t want him to get comfortable; if he’s comfortable, he won’t want to get dry.

I’ve done my physio exercises today!  I know I need to be doing them at least once a day if not twice, but once still feels like a triumph.  I might try to do them again later this evening then just once tomorrow, as I’ll be swimming in the evening.

I forgot my pills today – four left and counting – so I’ve taken one of the lower dose pills I have in my desk drawer.  It’s really weird!  I’m used to the effect of the 27mg pills and I’m used to taking no pills; going back to the 18mg pills feels different.  It’s like I’m wired.  I’m speaking faster and feeling bouncier than when I’ve had a 27, but the mad chaos isn’t there of a pill-free day.  I’m not sure I like it but it is definitely better than nothing.

Speaking of pills, the doctor’s office this morning confirmed that my script is there, that it was strange the copy had been passed to the pharmacy but not the original and that the original would be passed to the pharmacy so I can get my pills this evening.  I’m starting to wonder if it was worth all the effort and the script charge for the emergency 5 pills, given I didn’t even take one today!  On the plus side, at least we know where the script is and it hasn’t been stolen or filled to the wrong person.

My Prince is out tonight.  I see an evening of console games…

Beyond Good and Evil for the win!