Burt’s Bees and So Susan

I went into Waitrose the other evening with my little boys.  They don’t like going to the supermarket and I only ever take them in the evenings if they’ve been naughty or if we’re desperate for something.  We were running low on toilet roll (and they’d been cheeky to staff at school)…  Being on a highly restrictive diet, I was looking for a distraction to stop me from being magnetically attracted to the patisserie counter.  Cue the bath and body aisle!

To be fair, I have long been looking for some kind of serum or cream to miraculously transform my nails from ratty and splitting to smooth and nourished.  I browsed through the aisle of luxury names until my eye fell on the Burt’s Bees range.  I’ve heard good things about their lip balm and one more lip balm never hurts, does it?  I picked up the honey lip balm and put it in my basket.  As I glanced up, my eye was caught by a pretty metal tin with a picture of a lemon on it: Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.  Could this be the answer?  I added this to my basket and it was as I was looking down that I saw this:

Tips and Toes

The lip balm was different but there was still one in there.  There was also the cuticle cream: a smaller tin but when do I ever finish anything anyway?  I totted up the price in my mind and the kit was only around £3 more expensive for an additional 4 items.

So how did I get on with everything?IMG_2367

Almond & Milk Hand Cream:

This stuff is quite lush and smells like a whole family of almonds having a bath in clotted cream.  It’s a really thick cream to spread across the skin of your hands when you have plenty of time to rub it in.

Hand Salve


Hand salve:

This is is a solid waxy balm with a strong lavender scent which melts ever so slightly under my finger.  I have been using it across my knuckles where my skin is prone to cracking with the cold and so far the results are excellent.
Replenishing Lip Balm:
(with pomegranate oil)
Replenishing Lip Balm
As I said, many people have raved about these lip balms.  I don’t know if it’s the pomegranate oil or one of the other “replenishing” ingredients but I don’t like the flavour of this.  It tastes a little artificial although my boyfriend assures me it has a pleasant tint to it.  As a balm it’s fairly average.Hand and Foot Creams

Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream:

This hand cream smells divine!  I love the waft of honey as I rub it into my hands.  The texture is not bad, although I prefer my hand creams to be a little thicker and my fingertips are left feeling just slightly greasy.  It’s probably my third favourite hand cream, after l’Occitaine en Provence and the Almond and Milk hand cream above.


Coconut Foot Cream:

I’m disinclined to write much about this one on the basis of “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”  It smells lovely and there was a nice, chilly tingle of mint when I applied it to my feet but the chilly tingle didn’t go away for ages and the cream was slimy and just didn’t rub in.  It was still slimy the next morning when I got up!  I have almost an entire tube left if anyone would like it…?

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

Finally, we have the reason I bought the set in the first place.  This product did not disappoint!  It smells like lemons and limes tangoing across my nails in a snowstorm of zest!  My finger nails were so much improved after just two days that I did this:

So Susan Amethyst

 So Susan: Amethyst:

Quite possibly my favourite nail varnish at the moment (but only because glitter is so hard to remove).  This shot was after one clear basecoat and one (ONE!) coat of Amethyst.  If I’d had time I would have applied a second coat and a topcoat, but still, wow!

Small criticism: there is something badly wrong with the brush; half of the fibres are shorter than the rest, as if this brush was made from the scruffy ends of the bundle.

So what are you putting on your hands at the moment?



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