Up and Running

I have to admit, that was more of a Christmas break than I had intended to have.  Christmas was so busy, driving up and down the country.  I had intended to take the train but by the time I got around to buying the tickets it was clear that rail disruptions were going to make the return journey unfeasible, so I drove.  An overdose of Christmas cheer (not alcoholic) at his father’s house in the week before Christmas manifested itself on Christmas afternoon, resulting in a trip to the local out of hours health centre with my 9 year old who, hopefully, has learnt some important lessons about the necessities of vegetables; water and self control when it comes to chocolate.

The next week was a blur of parties and pantos up to the point when I deposited the children with their Grandparents for a few days before the start of term.  A shopping spree in IKEA nicely filled in the Friday; friends from out of town made for a fabulous Saturday and Sunday was earmarked for a long lie in then some quality flat-pack time with our new office furniture!

The plan was to assemble the GALANT wall-mounted cabinet and hang it before putting the BEKANT desk together and assembling the ALEX pedestal drawers.  Having finished the basic carcass of the cabinet we realised that IKEA hadn’t included any wall fixings and that any shop which would sell these to us was now closed.  This also put the desk on hold as we wanted the free space in the study to hang the cabinet before we took up most of it with the corner desk.  I was bending down to tidy up after the GALANT before moving onto the ALEX when I must have shaken something lose and the 1.6 metre long, sturdy mounting bracket (which would be screwed into the wall to support the weight of the cabinet and everything in it) toppled over and scored a perfect bulls-eye on the back of my head.

It hurt.  I wasn’t knocked out and I don’t think I had any form of concussion but that really hurt!  I took it easy for the rest of the day, which was frustrating as I had intended to go out for a run that evening.  The next day I got up and headed out to work, all set to dive into the madness which is month end and year end but ended up leaving at lunchtime because I knew if I left it much longer I wouldn’t be able to drive – not only did I have a powerful headache but I was also sleep-deprived due to not being able to lie on my usual side the previous night.  Another day off work and another missed run sums up Tuesday but by Wednesday I was more or less back on form and here I am on Thursday having been out to the running track for a session with my new running coach (she’s training for a qualification and needs guinea pigs).

08 01 15 run graphs08 01 15 runIt didn’t go too badly, considering how little I’ve been training, although my legs do rather hurt and I have a feeling I should have stretched more immediately afterwards.  Also I forgot to take anything with which to restrain my hair which made it all rather free-form.  We were doing intervals so it was never going to be a quick session but I am always amused by how symmetrical all the graphs are after a track session.

Mini Lamb Burgers

I had hoped a little that my boyfriend may have cooked tea while I was out but, given that he had training to do as well, I’ll let him off.  Still, I had a pack of mini lamb burgers and a cunning plan.  In my opinion it worked better in my mind than it did on the plate but the cry of delight as I presented my boyfriend with his food reassured me that it wasn’t such a stupid idea after all.


If anyone is interested, I grilled the lamb burgers; made toast; cut out rounds of toast with a pastry cutter and stacked it all with lambs lettuce leaves and slices of small tomatoes; spring onions and cucumber.  They were much to tall to eat with any pretense of dignity but they looked fabulous and tasted pretty good too.

Love and lamb burgers,


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