A Weekend Off

As a mother, most of my weekends are taken up looking after my children.  They spend at least one weekend a month with their father though so sometimes, when the stars align and we don’t have my boyfriend’s children either, the two of us get a lovely weekend alone together.  What’s more rare is me having a weekend completely to myself.  Mostly though that’s because I don’t like my own company and very much enjoy that of my boyfriend so, on realising there was a danger of being by myself last weekend, I promptly invited an old friend round.

So Friday night I took my boys around to their Daddy’s house and my boyfriend’s ex delivered his boys.  Saturday morning was spent making the most of our last morning in bed together for a while before springing into action and getting everything ready for my boyfriend to take his children up to his parents’ house for a week (my boys and I will be joining them on Christmas Eve).  At ten to eleven (an hour after they were due to leave) I slipped out of the packing mayhem and headed into Waterloo by train to meet V, one of my oldest and best friends.

We mooched around Waterloo a little, contemplating having lunch there but, as we’d both had breakfast late (his work Christmas party was the previous night – it did not go well) we didn’t particularly want to eat lunch at half eleven so we headed back to Worcester Park and decided to stop into the brand new American restaurant on Central Road – Bronco’s.  I started to write up our meal here but it was making my lovely weekend post long (and depressing) so I pulled it out into its own post.

When we made it out of the restaurant we made a couple of stops in town (including WH Smiths to pick up V’s birthday present to me – yay!  Books!) before heading back home.

Pointless GameThe conversation, always lively, turned to one of my current guilty pleasures – Pointless.  It turns out we are both rather keen on it so the board game came out and we wiled away an hour or so.  It’s great fun watching the programme but sometimes we come up with a really good answer and are left with no idea how many points it would have scored us.  Another benefit of the board game is that when V and I came across the card prompting us to come up with the most obscure facts about Winston Churchill, we had the option of exchanging a look then exchanging the card.  He never really stood a chance though when the final topic was movies with Audrey Hepburn in them.

V is a kindred spirit of mine in many ways, on this occasion we discovered that, on the release and success of The Hunger Games movie, we both went out and bought the books to read.  The difference in this case was that I’d gone on to watch the movies, so we moved the Christmas tree into the other room, unrolled the projector screen, fired up the projector and put the blu-ray in the machine.  While I enjoyed watching the films with my boyfriend, it’s refreshing to watch a film with someone else who has also read the book and we compared notes on the differences.

501 Must See MoviesThe following morning, pancakes and pork three ways (bacon, sausages and black pudding) covered in maple syrup and washed down with coffee gave way to a thorough analysis of the contents of the coffee table movie book we’d glanced at the previous evening, with us each making a list of movies either we or each other decided we absolutely must watch.  I’ve just counted how many movies are in my list – 38!  That is a lot of movies!  That’s in addition to the stack of DVDs on the cabinet which my boyfriend thinks I need to watch.  Good news there too though; V (who has known me for around 12 years longer than my boyfriend has) assures me that, regardless of what my boyfriend says, I don’t need to watch Silence of the Lambs or Trainspotting.

Hope you had a good weekend too,


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