Book Review – Maisie Hitchins: The Case of the Stolen Sixpence

Welcome to our second book review: Maisie Hitchins – The Case of the Stolen Sixpence by Holly Webb, illustrated by Marion Lindsay.

Maisie HitchinsFirst let me share with you what the book has to say about itself.

“Maisie Hitchins longs to be a detective.  She’s sure there are lots of mysteries to solve on the streets of Victorian London – if only she weren’t so busy running errands for her grandmother…

“When Maisie rescues an abandoned puppy, he quickly leads her to her first case.  George, the butcher’s boy, has been sacked for stealing, but Maisie’s sure he’s innocent.  It’s time for Maisie to put her detective skills to the test as she follows the trail of the missing money…”

Daniel gave the book an amazing 9/10 (I suspect he docked a point because it didn’t contain Dennis the Menace)Book Review Maisie

Summary: Maisie is a small girl with many extraordinary adventures waiting!  Ever since Maisie found Eddie she knows there’s something up.  Strange things, like an innocent boy getting the sack, are happening.  Can Maisie get to the bottom of this?

My favourite bits:  my favourite bit was when a giant chase started with Eddie grabbing sausages.  Another bit was when Maisie dressed up as a boy and when she found out <spoiler – Mum>

Who I would aim it at:  I would aim it at girls in years 2-4 because it has a sweet ending and no violence.

Now it’s my turn:

I give this book a well earned 10/10

What I liked about this book: honestly, this book was a delight to read!  The style was consistent from beginning to end.  It had sufficient description to clearly set it in Victorian London without feeling the need to clutter up the pages with unnecessary details.  Maisie isn’t a genius, she doesn’t make huge leaps of logic, she doesn’t come up with convoluted reasoning she is just a smart little girl with a passion for what she is doing.  The clues lead well from one to another and the characters develop nicely throughout the story.

What I didn’t like: I feel I need to think of something to write here if only to make this a balanced review.  When I prompted Daniel to add the bits he didn’t like to his review he said he couldn’t think of any and I have to say I’m having similar trouble.  Maisie comes across to me as a very girly girl and, while I don’t relate well to girly girls myself, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, besides which she is clearly quite willing to get her hands dirty when she needs to without complaining.  I’m sorry, I feel I’ve let you down.

Conclusion: I was recommended this book by my best friend who has the whole series for my goddaughter and I really wish I had a little girl just so I could own the whole set.  I have boys though, so look out for a review of Tom Gates next.



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