Accessorize Haul

A few weeks ago, before my birthday, I found myself with a little time on my hands at a London terminus.  Frankly, I see these occasions as shopping opportunities, when I get to visit shops not represented in my little suburb.  I lost no time on this occasion by Necklace, Ring and Earringsgetting sucked directly into Accessorize.  I had it in the back of my mind that, hauling round a slightly unwieldy Kipling tote bag stuffed with everything I thought I’d need for a weekend away (which apparently included two novels) I decided I desperately needed a new rucksack (I didn’t, but how could it hurt?).  On that visit I came out with a ring, necklace and set of earrings, all sterling silver (my ears won’t tolerate anything less) because, after all, it was nearly my birthday…

Of course, this still left me with the issue of the overstuffed tote and, after a fruitless wander around St Pancras looking for a luggage shop, I gravitated back to Accessorize to try to convince myself to like their limited range of rucksacks.  I quickly gave up (I’m not going to buy a rucksack I don’t like to supplement a Kipling I don’t like*; then I’ll just end up with more bags I’m not keen on!) and started looking at the adjacent handbags.  I honestly can’t remember which one I was keen on to begin with because then I saw this:Handbag

It is just so nearly perfect it’s hard to believe, although you wouldn’t expect real leather at the price I paid.  It conveniently relieved my tote bag of my novel (which I swiftly replaced in W H Smiths) and the contents of my purse.  Not the purse itself because:


At the grand old age of 37 (or so) I’ve decided to stop focussing on what I don’t like and what will stand me out from the crowd.  Instead I’m thinking more of what I do like, meaning more and more of my life contains purple; butterflies; purple butterflies; flowers and, yes, the occasional flash of pink without feeling I need to beat myself up for being stereotypically girly.

And it was nearly my birthday…

Just to finish us off, a couple of little special somethings, one I’ve had and one I want: Gingerbread LatteSwarovski








Merry Christmas,

*  I love Kipling bags; really I do!  They are amazing – stylish, versatile and so much bigger on the inside than they look!  It just so happened that one of my Kipling purchases (severely discounted at a factory outlet shop) was ill-judged.


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