Pact Coffee

I’m a big fan of coffee.  I have to limit how much I drink as I have enough trouble sleeping as it is but I could never cut it out completely, or go decaf as there just isn’t the range and variety available.

At home we have a Nespresso machine which I love dearly and which provides me with a delicious cup of coffee when I don’t have much time.  The only problems with Nespresso are that there are a limited number of flavours available (currently 22, I believe) which is further limited by my own fussiness, and that the pods are a little hard to come by, Harrods; Selfridges and direct from*.

With this in mind, I was keen to try a new service, called Pact Coffee**, which sends out pouches of coffee on a weekly or fortnightly basis (although it’s very simple to alter delivery dates or put your account on hold if the coffee is building up).  You choose between requesting beans to grind yourself or specifying the method you use and they will grind the beans for you to order.  The coffee is freshly roasted, usually lighter than you would get from a shop as they send it out so quickly.Cardboard Zombie Head

 They also send out a funky little magazine with your order once a month which contains a variety of interesting articles, staff profiles, cardboard zombie heads or disembodied deer to cut out and make and profiles of some of their customers, so I thought I’d give you my answers to their questions.

Hi, my name is  Jen
I’m from  Surrey
And I enjoy  reading; writing; crochet; cycling; skiing; sailing…  So many hobbies, so little time!
I got my first Pact delivery in  June 2014
And my favourite coffee so far has been  Black Forest Gâteau Espresso
Because  it was just perfect, although I only got one cup before everyone else drank it
I make my Pact coffee with  a moka at home, a professional, two handled espresso machine at work
It suits me because  I love trying new flavours
My coffee tastes best when  I have no deeds to do, no promises to keep
I was first introduced to coffee  so many years ago!  A jar of instant in my locker at school, black, no sugar, no fuss
When I’m drinking coffee I like listening to  my friends, failing that, Simon and Garfunkel
Because it’s  relaxing
I love coffee because  it’s warm, smooth and a soothing ritual
If coffee gave me a superpower, it would have to be  the ability to pause time
Because  then I could relax, drink my coffee and do all the other things I never have time for
If I could have a coffee with anyone in the world, it would have to be  Patrick Stewart
Because  I could listen to his voice for hours, although I suspect he might prefer tea, Earl Grey, hot

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them; if you fancy trying Pact Coffee, click here or go to their website and use my personal code MY-LIFE-BY-JEN to get your first bag for only £1.

Thanks for reading,

* My main criticism of this is that they use Yodel who once lobbed my box of precious coffee pods over the back gate from a distance of a couple of metres away (the wheelie bins would have prevented them from getting closer) then informed Nespresso they had left the box in the porch, as per my directions.  Nespresso had no hesitation in crediting my account for all the strips of pods which had been damaged.

** I have in no way been reimbursed by Pact Coffee (or Nespresso) for any of the contents of this post.  However, if either organisation would like to send me free coffee as a thank you I am unlikely to decline.


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