Don’t Mention the Banana Cake

Although we have to mention the banana cake.  If we deny our failures we rob ourselves of the opportunity to improve.  So it is with this in mind I bring you:

The Banana Cake:

These guys will eat anything!

These guys will eat anything!

At work we have fruit delivered on a twice-weekly basis (a lovely perk which we all appreciate).  Sometimes we have a few bananas left over at the end of the week; sometimes we have a LOT of bananas left over.  It is the duty of the staff to take these home, throw eggs; flour; sugar and a range of other substances at them and bring them back transformed.  Recently I grabbed a bunch of said bananas and decided to test my new toy; a proper cake mixer I acquired from Lidl (which I shall review once I’ve had another go with it).

Not much better from the side

Not much better from the side

The resulting substance was dense, to say the least, and pretty much uncooked down at the bottom of the tin where the skewer doesn’t reach.  There were lumps of unmixed flour in it and I swear at one point I bit off a mouthful entirely composed of baking powder!


There were a number of reasons I can think of for the quality of the cake, fortunately they are all easy enough to remedy and what are mistakes for if not to teach us how to do better next time?

When experimenting with my new cake mixer, I started off with the “beating” attachment, thinking that is what needs to happen with cake batter, and only changed over to the balloon whisk after around five minutes.  Next time I’ll go straight for the balloon whisk to get plenty of air in from the start.

I threw caution to the wind in the face of my new mixers beater attachment and used the butter straight out of the fridge, giving the mixer a much harder task of beating it in with the sugar, although the balloon whisk would probably have fainted at the sight of that butter.

I put the cake (bake for 75 minutes) in the oven with tea (25 minutes), obviously resulting in the oven door being opened long before the cake was in any condition to withstand that kind of rush of cold air.

That said, the feedback I got from people who tried the cake was remarkably positive, with compliments on the flavours and the balance of sweetness, so I’ll try the cake again, having learned from my mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, here are a couple of photos of yesterday’s Sunday roast which magically turned into a rotisserie chicken with microwaved potatoes and quick veg at the last minute:

I'm not sure even I would risk that crackling

I’m not sure even I would risk that crackling


No, really; they're roast potatoes

No, really; they’re roast potatoes


I'm hoping to salvage enough usable meat for a stir fry

I’m hoping to salvage enough usable meat for a stir fry














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